Active Membership

Any Building Official or Building Code Enforcement Officer, jurisdictionally registered with the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council as required by law, who is actively engaged in the administration and enforcement of building regulations as the jurisdiction having authority may, upon approval of the Board of Directors, become an active member of the Association and hold voting powers.
Associate Membership

Any registered third party code enforcement official, or organization, association, institute, corporation, partnership, architect, engineer, builder, contractor, planner, manufacturer or dealer in building materials or equipment; or any other individual representing a government entity, or an association or corporation having a legitimate interest in the purpose and objectives of the Association.
Student Membership

Any student enrolled in an accredited school and taking a construction-related field.  Student members shall be non-voting.
Retired Membership


Any former active member who is retired.  Retired members shall not hold any office nor shall they have a general membership vote.  Any retired member may be appointed to serve on a committee and vote within that committee.

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